Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ste Blandine

Do you know Ste Blandine ? It was, at the beginning of our time after the death of Jesus, one of the first martyr of the christian religion. She tried to preach Christianism to people and because of this, she died, being given to lions... to be eaten ! And this scene took place in lyon.

Nowadays, you can visit to famous places about her. First, you have the place where she certainly died, near the Croix-Rousse. It is an empty place, like those that we could find in roman amphitheatres. After that, you have this church, dedicated to Ste Blandine, behind the Perrache station. I like the first photo because the sun was exactcly behind the church and it gives a strange effect... Don't you think ?


MoonSoleil said...

The church looks really nice, great pictures.

Louz said...

Interesting subject and nice photos. The detail with Ste Blandine and the lions is more than a little creepy.